Theopraxis, founded in 2001, offers advisory services to large clients who want to realign the boundaries of their organisation or to change the way they think.

Services we provide typically include strategic sourcing, outsourcing advice and procurement strategy. We also offer support services such as cost analysis, supplier management and complex contract negotiations. Deals are typically measured in multiples of £100m.

Our clients are typically government bodies and FTSE 25 companies. Our aim is to help them identify and realise their strategies, whatever they may be, without the overheads and conflicts of interest that come with a large consulting firm. Our associates are all extremely able, experienced consultants - we will never ‘train someone up’ at your expense and we will never put our agenda ahead of yours.

As well as describing the services that Theopraxis can offer your organisation, this site contains some stimulating ideas written by our associates on a wide range of business topics.

And the name? It’s derived from the Greek words for 'inspired thought' and 'practice'.

The Hunger Site

Theopraxis encourages staff and associates to donate a proportion of their income to less privileged individuals and societies. You can help! After reading through this site, why not contribute to the eradication of world hunger by clicking on this link?